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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:California, United States of America
i'd rather die than give you oatmeal.

Interests (145):

addams family, al green, aqua teen hunger force, art, avoiding eye injury, baroque hoedown, bats, being a smartass, being lazy, being ridiculously domestic, being silly, being-tired-but-avoiding-sleep, bowel-shaking-earthquakes-of-doubt-and-remorse, cadbury creme eggs, carving pumpkins with melissa, chaz addams color schemes, cooking but not cleaning, count chocula marshmallow squares, cozy pajamas, crap on my desk, dan castellaneta, danger mouse, danny elfman, david bowie, death before oatmeal, depeche mode, designing for fun, dick van dyke's pratfall, dorothy's asymmetrical jackets, douglas adams, driving without traffic, duran duran, edward gorey pen strokes, evil homer's bodysuit, gardening in pots, gary numan, giraffes, going to disneyland, halloween everything, handbags, haunted mansion holiday, horton, i love lucy, jef mallet and frazz, jim halpert, jonas grumby, journey, kate winslet, kevin spacey, kinder eggs, knitting, knott's scary farm, kung fu fightin', landmine island, late night classic television, lobster corndogs, lost, main street electrical parade, making fuzzy scarves, making-everything-from-scratch, matt groening, minty gum chewing, mocking others, monkey aerobics, monkeypiraterobots, monkeys, motherflippin' rhymnocerouses, mp3s, mtc: monkey trauma center, music, mutts, my boyfriend jim halpert, my boyfriend johnny depp, new wave, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, nintendo, non-evil toys that talk, norman fell, obsessing about tivo, old horror films, paul giamatti, peonies, pixar movies, polar bear death threats, post prison martha, pretty in pink, pretty-much-anything-that-is-awesome, propaganda posters, pulp fiction, pumpkins, rain, really bad music, red meat, rescue me, robots, running away from clowns, sarcasm, sashimi, science fiction, shaky don knotts, shiloe, shoes, silly putty, simplicity, sincerity, slapstick comedy, sleeping, snowflakes, spongebob squarepants, steve carell, stuff on animals, surprise spiders, swearing-like-a-fucking-sailor, tasty lip gloss, tea, television, the christ punchers, the count, the haunted mansion, the intarweb, the munsters, the office, the simpsons, the sopranos, the west coast, the-way-old-people-use-the-internet, things that are craptacular, tivo, tofu, triumph-the-insult-comic-dog, truckasaurus, tv, twilight zone, video games, vincent price, waiting to pee, watching car chases, wearing cashmere, wearing funny socks, wii, will ferrell, winning at air hockey, winter, your mom
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